an intimate high-level business mastermind for the female entrepreneur to rise.

 with Robyn Savage & Jaclyn Shaw

You’re tired of waiting around for your first 20k month. We get it. 

You’re ready to raise your rates with confidence and finally sell with ease. We get that too. 

You're passionate about getting your message out to the masses but confused about algorithms and tired of reaching no one. We hear you. 

All of these challenges you’re facing in business can easily be shifted with the right leadership and support. 

It’s called getting STRIPPED in your business. 

And we created this for you. 

that they experience more breakthroughs & up-leveling working with us than any other course or program they’ve invested in, in the past.

Being in our energy allows them to enter the arena of limitless growth, to hold hands with their fear, to drop the struggle, and ditch the hustle, which allows them to invite in ease, alignment and abundance. 

Working with us gives them permission to show up unapologetically in life & biz. It allows them to activate their power and become an energetic match for the things they truly desire (no matter what anyone thinks).

They’re drawn to our real AF approach. And they get results because our approach is all about them.

> Rise up in your business and claim your worth as a female leader

> Stop being a slave to the “Should’s" and step into your own power and inner knowing, balancing your masculine and feminine energy in business

> Reach your dream clients with your important message and have an incredible impact without second guessing yourself 

> Run a business that feels aligned with your core values and stop running in that rat race

> Learn how to use your voice authentically and powerfully to attract dream clients

> Finally step into ease and abundance and feel safe stripping your business down to the services, offerings, and operations that light you up


No more saying, “I should do this”

No more feeling like, “I should be doing what she’s doing if I want the same type of success”

No more wondering, “If I just automate this, and launch that, and go LIVE every damn day…won’t I be successful then?”


No more shoulding all over yourself. 


Today is the day you start running YOUR business, YOUR way. 

Today is the day you start getting ALIGNED results that light you up and create more abundance than you could ever imagine. 

Today is the day you make an impact. 

Today is the day you feel excited to be an entrepreneur again.

Today is the day you start getting paid in thousands.


"Working with Jak + Robyn has been a total game changer. I was lost and confused with how to get my voice heard in a way that felt authentic for me and my offerings.  

Two is always better than one and masterminding with them has completely changed the game for me - within our first month I created an income and most importantly clarity on my goals and how to reach them!"  Amy Allchurch


  • WEEKLY coaching in an intimate group setting, with 4 other female leaders who are ready to uplevel alongside you. That’s more 2:1 coaching than any mastermind offers. We’re not crazy. We want you to experience the greatest shifts possible in your business.
  • One live 75 minute mastermind session (also recorded) EVERY WEEK, lead by Robyn & Jak
  • Individual coaching time on each call so you can address your specific questions and breakthroughs 
  • Ongoing support and continual coaching between calls in our private Mastermind chat group 
  • Individual Human Design Reading (60 min recording) to understand your soul's unique blueprint and the inner workings of yourSELF.  A tool you will use every single day to get (and stay) energetically aligned in your business. You’ll learn how to market and sell your offerings using your HD. And you’ll learn how to make aligned decisions based on your HD authority. (valued at $220 USD)
  • Plus learn how to integrate the natural fear you hold in your body to start using fear to EXPAND rather than resist. Step into the next level of business designed for you.  


This is a high vibe container for female entrepreneurs ready to break through in their business. 



This mastermind is exclusively for FIVE women who are ready for quantum leaps in their business. 

This is about YOU.

We aren't here to be your guru.

We aren't here to present you with a one-size-fits-all box that you must fit into.

We are here to guide you to make aligned choices in your business. 

Because aligned choices = ALIGNED RESULTS.

  • Think magnetizing dream clients...
  • Making quantum leaps in business development with ease...
  • Collapsing timelines to experience success faster than you could ever imagine...
  • Embodying wealth with a deep knowing that you’re worthy and really CLAIMING it without apology….

This is the shift STRIPPED will provide for you.


Our mastermind coaching is the focused attention you need to peel back the layers and strip away everything you've ever been told you MUST do to create financial abundance and deepen your impact. 

This is your business, your way, because your way is the ONLY way to a create a sustainable business. 

A business that lights you up every. single. day. One that gives you life. One where burn-out and overwhelm no longer exist.

We’ve been leading group business coaching for the past few years with incredible results and growth for our clients. The things we see most frequently in our business clients are the desire to RISE UP and the need to STRIP away the shoulds. 


Inside of STRIPPED: the mastermind, you will have a ton of access to Robyn and Jak.

We will hold massive space for you.

We will hold the vibration of total expansion with you.

You will be supported not only by us, but also by the entire group of business soul sisters who are in the mastermind with you. 

This is a safe container made for you to uplevel. 

This is where you discover your worth. 

This is where you choose you. 

This is where you decide to f*ck the shoulds and start doing business YOUR way. 

This is where you celebrate the aligned results! 



"Working with Jak + Robyn completely shifted everything for me in my life and my biz.

Within 3 days of saying YES to working Jak + Rob, I had 3 people who I had never met before contact me over Instagram to host some workshops with them.

Ever since then, I've had so many amazing opportunities come to me. Doing the soul work, biz work, stepping out of my comfort zone, and taking the coaching and guidance Rob + Jak have to offer has helped me get super laser focused, and been the catapult for me to begin living and breathing in my business and touch the people I want to work with!" Kari  Winton-Russell, Owner & Founder, Goals & Grapes

"Jaclyn & Robyn are the perfect mix of ass kicking and inspiration. My dreams and goals have gained new clarity giving me the passion and drive to be fearless. These babes really know how to light a fire under my ass creating limitless growth in my biz & life." Lauryn Marion, Ontario, Canada



Jak is a wildly passionate Soulpreneur + Manifesting Queen, who gave up living in one place to explore the world (okay, mostly beaches) with her young family. She is known for sharing love bombs, F bombs and truth bombs in her real af approach to life and biz. Deeply ingrained in her soul is the belief that every woman is able to show up brighter and give MORE when they take care of themselves first. "Do you know you're worth it?" is a question you will often hear Jak ask her clients and friends alike!
Robyn’s fierce passion for storytelling is the driving force behind everything she does, in life and business. As an expert copywriter and content creator, her goal is to help female entrepreneurs connect with their dream clients by pairing authentic language with effective communication strategies.
Not only does Robyn’s knack for storytelling help business women around the world sell out programs and soar through launches, but it also inspires her own adventurous lifestyle. As a mama of two, an avid traveler, a spontaneity junky, and a passionate wellness seeker, Robyn is forever writing her own story as boldly and beautifully as she can - even in the simple moments in between.

I refer to Jak + Robyn as my business Angels. 

Working with Robyn and Jaclyn has been such an amazing experience. I've experienced more profound breakthroughs and uplevels in the short amount of time working with these two than any other program or course I've taken before.

Their guidance and support has helped me to finally step into my purpose and passion and I am forever grateful for that.

For anyone out there pursuing a passion based buisiness - whether it's coaching, or fitness, yoga, or art, whatever it is, if your soul is in it, and if your passion is in it, and you need a little bit of guidance, these are definitley the ladies that you want to have your back. Taylor Ciampi,The Soulful Hippie




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