With Robyn Savage & Jaclyn Shaw


Imagine you could attend a university lead by female leaders who share your million dollar vision? 


Now, imagine that university was lead by two women who have started from scratch, risen from failure, learned from the absolute best, and exceeded their own wildest expectations? 


Imagine this university was founded with feminine energy forward, taught you to value pleasure as much as paycheques, and certified you as a female leader who will change this world through your impact…

Welcome to THE SHIFT.  

12 months of masterclasses, workshops, courses and programs that will get you to the top of your million dollar game faster than you can say, “YES PLEASE!”

THE SHIFT is your one way ticket to continuous expansion.

It’s monthly content for you to consistently elevate your life and business to the next level. 

Shift after shift, your income, impact, and leadership will reach new levels of excellence. 

This is everything your life and business has been waiting for. 

Month after month, course after course, workshop after workshop - you will see the results you’ve been praying for. 

This is the work - welcome to THE SHIFT.

 Every month you get access to our teachings. 

We will lead you in different forms, through course content that will elevate your life and business. 

These 12 months will be a collection of LIVES and recorded video trainings that will give you an entirely new skill set and perspective on how to RISE.

This is the HOW you’ve been waiting for. 

→ 12 months.

→  6 live courses.

→ 6 live masterclasses.


FEM/Me Forward - June, 2020

Learn how to lead with your Feminine energy forward. Pleasure comes first! Come rewrite the rules and experience wild results in your life and business. 


Co-creation - July, 2020

Learn how to step into your power as a creative force in your own life and business. You don't have to do it alone, learn how to operate in unison with the Universal energy of abundance. 


 The Provider - August, 2020

Learn how to operate a 7-figure business from the ground up. Lay the foundation for success and get the tactical and technical tools you need to create a rich & sustainable business. 


Copy Creation Masterclass - September, 2020

Learn how to create copy that magnetizes your dream clients and converts to sales. Finally give your voice the power it deserves while growing a community that deeply resonates with your vulnerable message. 


The Becoming - October, 2020

Unleash the Wild Woman within. Plant new seeds of desire and uproot old fears, blocks and beliefs about the woman you've been. 


RAW Masterclass - November, 2020

Learn how to sell in strategic alignment. You've been taught that selling is hard, and we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. Learn a new method to sell with ease and pleasure. 


Calibrate - December, 2020.

Meet your next level self, upgrade your vision. This is where you come to activate your highest potential and meet your next level self. 


The Vision, 3 part masterclass - January, 2021.

Crystallize your vision for 2021. Who are you willing to become to create the life you truly desire? 


Let Go to Manifest that Sh*t - February 2021

Learn how to sink into trust and surrender and let go of control to make space for Universal miracles + learn how to attract your desires, and live more abundantly than ever before.


Learn your Design - March, 2021

Step into full strategic alignment using your Human Design. Your energy has it's own blueprint, stop fighting it and step into your power!


Activate - April, 2021

Activate your Wealthymind and take your first step towards limitless wealth. 


 The Rising Masterclass - May, 2021

Elevate your leadership to new heights. Expand your impact by learning how to lead yourself first. 



Jak is a wildly passionate Soulpreneur + Manifesting Queen. She is known for sharing her truth in her real af approach to life and biz. As a human design expert, she guides female leaders to step into energetic alignment, strip away the 'shoulds' in life and business, and un-apologetically show up as the women they are.

Robyn’s fierce passion for storytelling is the driving force behind everything she does, in life and business. As an expert copywriter and content creator, her goal is to help female entrepreneurs connect with their dream clients by pairing authentic language with effective communication strategies. Her knack for storytelling help business women around the world sell out programs and soar through launches. 


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